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Season 2, Episode 14

Cryptozoic Men

The guys try to create their own comic book. Walt buys a signed issue of Creepy.

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Worried that morale may be sagging at the Stash, Walt comes up with a way to build some team chemistry: get everyone involved with creating a comic book. Ming and Michael are tasked with brainstorming characters, while Bryan takes charge of creating a pitch video. The guys take their concept to New Jersey-based comic book publisher Dynamite Entertainment, where they pitch a five-issue miniseries called “The Cryptozoic Man” about a hero who is a mashup of cryptozoic creatures including a sasquatch, the Loch Ness monster, and the Jersey Devil. Impressed with their passion and preparation (as well as by the pitch video’s narrator, the legendary Stan Lee), the Dynamite execs approve production of the comic. Separately, Walt buys a 70 lb. Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire model, sells a Mattel Godzilla toy from the 1970s, and (with the help of pop culture expert Robert Bruce) buys a copy of Creepy #1 that includes an autograph from renowned comic book illustrator Frank Frazetta.