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Season 2, Episode 9

The Clash at the Stash

The Stash will sell Nate Quarry's independent comic book in order for the guys to see a costumed MMA fight. Walt buys a couple pairs of nostalgic underwear.

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Retired MMA fighter Nate Quarry visits Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash to find out if the store is willing to sell copies of his independent comic book, Zombie Cage Fighter. Since none of the guys have ever seen an MMA fight in person, Walt decides to barter: The Stash will sell Nate’s comic if Nate sets up an MMA fight for them in which the fighters must wear costumes. Later, Walt, Michael, Bryan and Ming head to a local mixed martial arts academy, where they are met by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. True to his word, Nate has arranged an MMA fight, and Walt’s costume choices are revealed: Jay and Silent Bob. After Kevin and Jason each coach their respective doppelganger, the fight begins, and “Jay” eventually gets “Silent Bob” to submit using a rear naked choke. Separately, Walt purchases a Bowen Juggernaut statue as well as two pairs of Underoos (Superman and Wonder Woman) but is unable to negotiate the sale of a copy of Green Lantern #76.