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Season 2, Episode 2

My Big Fat Geek Wedding

The guys head to a local auction with a wager on the line. One customer learns that mixing cigars and comic books never works out.

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In an attempt to bring new items into the shop, Walt suggests acquiring some merchandise at a public auction. To spice things up, the guys split into two teams -- Ming and Michael vs. Bryan and Walt -- to see who can acquire the most valuable merchandise while spending only $500. The stakes: The losers have to reenact the Fantastic Four scene in which Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) and Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) get married. At the auction, the guys bid on numerous items, including X-Men No. 84 (which Walt wins). Back at the Stash, pop culture expert Robert Bruce evaluates both teams' purchases, which include comic books, old board games, and original Abbie an' Slats art, and declares Walt and Bryan the winners. Everyone dresses in full costume for the wedding, with Ming donning a wedding dress and a blond wig to portray Invisible Woman. The ceremony culminates with an exchange of vows by Mike and Ming as well as a kiss... on the cheek.