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Season 4, Episode 5


Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Walt and the guys visit BronyCon, a fan convention for "My Little Pony." A customer wants to sell a board game from the 1970s featuring Godzilla.

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"What blew your minds this week?" Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming at the podcast. Walt tells Kevin how every day something happens that reminds him it's a new world out there, and in one instance, it was the Brony Movement...

At the Stash, a man comes in with some My Little Pony comics he's looking to sell: a pair of My Little Pony and Transformers crossover comics. He explains to Walt that 80% of Bronies are guys between 13 and 25, who also attend events like BronyCon, where fans of the show can meet and buy, sell, trade - a language that Walt knows well. Walt tells him the Stash doesn't sell high-ticket items featuring ponies. "Well, maybe we should think about it," Mike says. Walt asks the customer how much he's asking for his comics: $150 for the both of them. The customer says they're con-exclusives, limited to only 750 copies. Walt, however, doesn't feel like they belong at the Stash.

After the man leaves, Mike says the customer brings up an interesting point: there are guys out there who will pay a lot of money for My Little Pony stuff. Bryan chimes in and says "There's so much merchandise... and costume contests." Walt says there's no way he's going to a BronyCon. "You'd be disguised the whole time! A little vaudevillian action, the two-person horse?" Walt reveals he's always wanted to dress in a vaudevillian two-person horse costume. Walt tells Ming that if he has to go to the BronyCon, Ming has to dress as the horse's tail. "If that gets you down there? I would do it." Walt corrals Bryan and Mike to dress up as well, and they agree to go to the BronyCon.

Before they set out, a woman comes in with two pieces of original art: a Batman sketch and a Phantom sketch by comics legend Jerry Robinson. Kevin tells the guys that Jerry Robinson is responsible for creating some of the best parts of the Batman mythos - Robin, The Joker, Alfred. The woman says the pieces have been in her family for almost 60 years, when her brother got them at a USO Show in Korea around 1955. She says she wants $850 for them, but Walt can't go that high. They settle on $700.

The day of the BronyCon arrives. "I'd say we're not in Kansas anymore, but that would be an understatement," Walt says as they walk in. Ming says it looks a lot like another comics staple: Comic-Con. Walt agrees that there's a lot of commerce going on. When Walt asks why Bryan and Ming know so much about My Little Pony, Bryan says his niece loves the stuff and Ming has a young daughter who is into it as well. "Little girls and middle aged men really dig it," Bryan says.

A little later, the guys prepare for the costume contest. Walt and Ming come out in their vaudevillian horse costume. "Where the mares be at?" Walt says as they strut into view. Bryan is dressed as "Derpy Hooves," a fan favorite character from My Little Pony. Mike, on the other hand, is dressed in a blood-covered surgeon's costume: he's the veterinarian to the ponies...and it was the only thing in his closet.

At the podcast, Kevin realizes, "If everyone's at BronyCon, who's running the store?" Back at the Stash, Sunday Jeff and Cousin Johnny receive a customer who brings in a vintage Mattel Godzilla Game. They set it up on the counter and play awhile. The customer is looking for $200 for the antique game, but Sunday Jeff says it's probably not a fit for the Stash. However, he's willing to buy it for himself for $100. The customer won't part with it for less than $175, and he leaves with his roaring Godzilla.

At BronyCon, the costume contest commences. When Walt and Ming take the stage, the crowd goes wild. Mike, however, receives a somewhat colder reaction to his bloody display, but at the podcast, Kevin applauds his creativity with the idea. Then Bryan comes out as Derpy Hooves, and the audience loves it. "Ditzy-Doo never, Derpy forever!" he shouts into the mic.

Unfortunately, the gang tells Kevin they didn't take home any prizes for the costume contest, but Ming tells Walt that with a little more practice, they can come back next year and steal the show.