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Season 3, Episode 6

Walt’s Big Gamble

The boys at the Stash try to strike it big bidding on derelict storage units. Walt geeks out with a fellow Elfquest fanatic.

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Full Recap

Walt enters Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash with an idea for Mike, Bryan and Ming: After watching several cable TV shows about bidding on repossessed storage units, he suggests they go to a storage unit auction to look for collectibles. The guys agree to chip in $250 each, and Bryan finds an online listing for a storage unit auction happening that weekend. At the auction, everyone waits impatiently in sweltering heat as Walt declines to bid on unit after unit. Finally, a unit goes up for auction containing several storage boxes that Walt hopes are filled with comics. Pop culture expert Robert Bruce is also in attendance, and he and Walt get into a bidding war for the unit, which Walt wins with a bid of $1,550 -- considerably more than the guys’ agreed-upon spending limit. With high hopes of recouping their investment, the guys open the storage boxes and discover they're filled with worthless items including recent-edition magazines and a set of encyclopedias. Separately, Walt sells a woman named Alexis copies of Elfquest #2, #3 and #4, even giving her a slight discount because he enjoyed having a conversation with a hard-to-find fellow fan of the series. Additionally, Walt purchases an Aliens Motion Tracker toy (and passes on an Aliens M41-A replica pulse rifle) from a special effects artist and buys a classic Ben Cooper Batman costume from another seller.