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Season 3, Episode 3

Super Friends

Mike gets a gift from a comic legend.

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At Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Mike grimly calculates the total value of the items from his collection that were lost to Hurricane Sandy flooding: $33,798. Wanting to help Mike kickstart a new collection, Walt first considers replacing a Teen Titans poster by legendary comic book illustrator George Perez that Mike deemed the item he'll miss most. However, the idea is taken to another level when Robert Bruce mentions he knows Perez from interacting with him at comic book conventions and offers to reach out to him. Later, Walt, Bryan and Ming head to Perez's studio, where Perez graciously agrees to create an original piece featuring Mike's favorite Perez-inked character, Wonder Man. Perez and his wife Carol drop by the Stash to surprise Mike and present him with the Wonder Man artwork, and Perez also brings along one of his trademark shirts (designed by Carol) which he autographs and gives to Walt to hang in the store. Separately, Walt sells a customer Howard the Duck #1 and buys three Power Record comic books, and Ming is unable to strike a deal with a seller who brings in a Rad Repeatin' Tarzan, a 1999 toy that was banned because it makes a suggestive gesture.