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Season 3, Episode 16

Knights of the Stash

Jason Mewes invites the guys to a Renaissance fair; a customer brings in a valuable item.

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Ming gets a call from Jay Mewes who wants to get a group together to go to a Renaissance Fair. Ming convinces Bryan and Mike and a reluctant a reluctant Walt to go. At the fair, Jay gives an informal tour until they meet two men in full armor who recruit them for the "army." Outfitted in Medieval garb, they train at axe-throwing (for distance), target-practice (with tomatoes) and strength-building (at which Bryan excels). Eventually, the guys duel women in the Vixens En Garde thereby earning the right to meet the Queen. Separately back at the shop, Walt passes on a 1979 Meego Elastic Hulk figurine, despite its rarity, and some Battlestar Galactica props. He does, however, purchase artwork drawn by Jon Romita Jr. of Peter Parker Spider-Man fame.