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Season 2, Episode 8

Stan the Man

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Stan Lee visits the shop for a photo op.

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At Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Walt excitedly informs Ming, Mike and Bryan that the store has been selected as the setting for a charity photo shoot with comic book living legend Stan Lee. Walt closes the store down for the shoot, and when Stan walks through the front door, Walt's jaw drops and he can barely muster a reply when Stan greets him warmly. As a photographer takes photos of Stan posing in front of a comic book display, the guys all simultaneously snap pictures of their own with their cell phones. When the photographer pauses to set up another shot, Stan offers to answer some questions, and it's not long before the guys are all sitting cross-legged at Stan's feet, as Walt peppers him with inquiries including "Thor vs. Hulk -- who really wins?" and "What are your thoughts on the death of Captain Stacy [in Spider-Man]?" At the end of the shoot, the guys pose for a few photos with Stan, who then gently declines Walt's offer to stay for pizza and soda (as well as Bryan's offer to take him to Atlantic City) and departs. Separately, Walt is disappointed when he is unable to a negotiate a purchase price for "the jewel in the current comics crown," The Walking Dead #1, but does successfully purchase copies of The Incredible Hulk #6 and the Canadian edition of Planet Comics #1.