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Season 2, Episode 4

Ming in Charge

With Walt and Mike sick, it's up to Ming to run the Stash by himself. A customer comes in to sell first issues of Iron Man and Daredevil.

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When Walt and Michael both fall ill, Ming gets an opportunity to live his dream: running the Secret Stash by himself. Though it's a busy day at the store, Bryan refuses to assist in any way, so when Brian O'Halloran (Dante in Kevin Smith's Clerks.) drops by to pick up some merchandise for a trade show, Ming asks him to stick around and help out. In between checking out customers, Ming negotiates with some sellers and purchases copies of Iron Man #1 and Daredevil #1, as well as two '80s Transformers action figures. Later, Walt walks in and reveals that he and Michael aren't sick after all: he actually wanted to test Ming's ability to run the store on his own, and enlisted Bryan to be his eyes and ears during the day. Though he's disappointed with the price Ming paid for the Transformers, overall Walt is satisfied with Ming's effort, noting "he's not ready, but he's pretty darn close." Soon after, a toymaker stops by to show off Romney the Robot and Barackula, the latest additions to a line of action figures called Presidential Monsters which are modeled after classic Mego figures of the '70s. In exchange for the Stash becoming one of the major East Coast distributors of Presidential Monsters, Walt gets the toymaker to agree to create an exclusive action figure for the Stash: a brown Yeti Theodore Roosevelt.