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Season 2, Episode 3

Ghostbusting at the Stash

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. The guys hunt for the Jersey Devil. One customer tries to sell his Thundercat figures and finds that loose items aren't always popular.

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A woman visits the Secret Stash looking to sell a Star Trek book for a unique reason: it belonged to her deceased father, and she is convinced her father is haunting her until she sells all of his merchandise to someone who will appreciate it. When the customer reveals that the haunting led her to start a paranormal investigation group, Walt asks her to use her equipment to inspect the Stash, and she confirms the presence of a comic-reading ghost in the Stash's basement. Following some customer transactions involving loose Thundercats action figures, Robert Bruce enters the store, and the boys get into a discussion about the Jersey Devil, a local legend about a flesh-eating creature that lives in the forests of southern New Jersey. Robert claims to have seen the Jersey Devil, and Walt suggests they try to track the Devil down. That night, Walt, Ming, Mike and Bryan head out into the woods, and after wandering around for a while, begin to hear noises. Suddenly, a horned creature jumps out of the woods and attacks a terrified Ming. After the scuffle, the "Devil" is revealed to be a costumed Robert Bruce, who planned the prank along with Walt. However, Ming does gain a small measure of revenge: during the scuffle, Robert got hit in the groin.