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Season 1, Episode 4


Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Walt reluctantly lets Ming run a new sales promotion for the Secret Stash based around zombies. Will Ming’s scary idea have even more frightening results then Walt is ready for?

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At Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Walt asks what the guys think is the most epic superhero battle of all time. Michael goes with Superman versus Shazam, Walt's chooses The Thing versus Hulk, and Ming picks Superman versus Batman, even as he admits that he’s never read that actual comic but only heard about it “third-hand."

On the Comic Book Men podcast, the guys discuss their favorite horror and zombie movies. Explaining that devil worship movies have always fascinated him because he's Catholic, Kevin picks Race with the Devil.

At the store, a female customer comes in with her boyfriend and checks out an issue of Giant Size X-Men. Ming is impressed that both members of the couple are into comics, noting, "Some of us here -- before we got married -- had big rooms of collectibles." Michael then shows her an issue of The Incredible Hulk that marks the first appearance of Wolverine, as well as an issue in which The Hulk and Wolverine battle. He sells all three to her for $1,600. "I'm so glad another geeky comic book couple are out there," Mike says as they exit.

Later, Ming approaches Walt with his latest marketing idea: Zombie Day. Everything in the store will be 20% off, marketed with a flyer featuring the guys in zombie makeup. Walt is skeptical but tells Ming to proceed.

The next sellers are an engaged couple looking to fund their upcoming nuptials by selling a rare Godzilla toy. Unsure of its value, Walt calls his go-to movie memorabilia expert, Rob Bruce. Rob examines the toy and discovers that the tail was broken off then glued back on. "I'm not interested in a refurbished Godzilla," says Walt, but Rob wants the toy for his personal collection and makes an offer that's considerably less than the couple was hoping to get. "It's totally up to you, hon," says the man and the bride-to-be before they fork over the requested $175.

Later, at the shop, a makeup artist transforms the staff into zombies. The team then heads over to a photo shoot for Ming's flyer. "I've got a good feeling about this Ming," Walt admits.

The next seller is a woman with a box of comics received from her father. The box includes notable issues like Spider-Man #2, Fantastic Four #48, and Daredevil #1, as well as Walt's favorite comic of all time: Fantastic Four #51, which he calls "Stan Lee's finest hour." Despite the poor condition of many issues, Walt estimates the total worth to be at least $8,000, and recommends she buy a price guide before selling them.

Later, a customer comes in looking for a set of Tortured Soul dolls -- based on Clive Barker’s designs of heinous acts of torture. The buyer admits that he once owned a set, but his girlfriend made him get rid of them. Now she’s left him for another guy, he wants a new set. Because of the customer's sad story, Walt offers him a package deal: $250 for all five dolls. He agrees, admitting, "It buys my manhood back."

As Zombie Day approaches, Ming blankets the town of Red Bank with his Day of the Walking Deal flyer. He also hands out flyers to random people on the street. Walt feels he’s approaching the wrong passersby. "Show me a fat ugly dude," he says. "That's where I see dollars."

Rob returns to the store with his friend Cliff, who brings in original artwork from a Silver Surfer graphic novel drawn by John Buscema. Walt has been looking for artwork like this for as long as he can remember, saying, "This is when comics were comics and men were men. This is my holy grail." Walt and Cliff negotiate and settle on $9,200 for a set of three images. Walt's purchase leads to a podcast discussion of each guy's personal "holy grail." Kevin wants to find the Sandman statue he sold to help fund Clerks, while Ming wants a jet-firing Bobba Fett toy and Michael would love to have the cover of Avengers #151. "Does a car count?" Bryan asks.

As Zombie Day draws to a close, the guys calculate the total sales that Ming's promotion generated: $37.88.  "Another day… no dollars," says a disappointed Walt.