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Season 1, Episode 2

Life After Clerks

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Kevin is in town and rallies the Stash for a game of street hockey. How will Walt and the guys hold up? And hurricane Mewes blows through the Stash, and no one is safe. Especially the customers!

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Full Recap

On the Comic Book Men podcast, the cast debates which superpower they'd choose. Bryan opts for invisibility, Michael favors telekinesis, Walt wants Wolverine-like healing powers, Ming picks teleportation, and Kevin chooses "super patience."

Back at The Secret Stash, a customer comes in prompting Ming to notice the guy's parked car: a replica of the Batmobile from the '60s TV show. The boys go outside to check out the car and find it includes numerous bells and whistles including a Bat Shield, Bat Radar, and a '60s Batman cowl. They also discover that the interior features signatures by Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin). and the car's designer, George Barris. The owner lets the Secret Stash staff take the car for a spin. "Best day of my life," proclaims Ming. "Don't tell my wife I said that."

Afterwards, Kevin calls the store and recruits the boys for a hockey game, prompting Ming, Mike, and Bryan to practice behind the store, until a furious Walt comes storming out and yelling "We've got customers!" Among those customers is Jonathan, a comic book artist who brings in his autobiographical comic book as well as a sheet from Giant Size Man-Thing, a '70s Marvel comic that Walt had as a kid. "I'm starting to identify with Man-Thing," Bryan jokes. Jonathan initially asks for $500 for the issue, but eventually comes to an agreement with Walt in which The Secret Stash will sell and promote Jonathan's comic, So Buttons, in exchange for Walt buying Giant Size Man-Thing work for $175.

At the hockey rink, the guys scope out the opposing team, which includes a goalie in a clown mask. With Kevin as the other goalie, the game begins. By the end of the first period, the guys are already exhausted, and eventually lose 6-0. "I don't remember needing to sleep quite so much when we used to play," complains Kevin.

Later, a seller brings in every issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths, an '80s DC comic book series. Walt tells Ming that "it was a fabulous series "in which Supergirl and The Flash were both killed off in quick succession. The seller also brings in a Batman print autographed by Jim Lee, the Batman artist who also drew and co-wrote X-Men #1, the best-selling comic of all time. An aspiring filmmaker, the customer is selling off his comic book memorabilia in an attempt to raise enough money pay for a camera, just as Kevin Smith sold off his own comic book memorabilia to finance the cult comedy Clerks. "I [too] am a fat guy from Jersey," remarks the seller, who asks for over $100 for both. Walt offers $15,and after some negotiation, ends up buying both items for $30.

The next person to enter the store: Jason Mewes, best known as Jay from Kevin Smith's movies Mallrats and Clerks. Jason tells Walt that Kevin sent him, but Walt suspects he's there to pick out some free stuff. Indeed, Jay points to the picture of himself on Ming's Secret Stash shirt as evidence he shouldn't be charged. "I'm broke!" Jay says leaving Ming to begrudgingly lend him the money for a sweatshirt as well as $20 for lunch.

Another seller comes in looking to sell off some comics."I've got too much comics. My man cave is in serious jeopardy. My wife is giving me serious heat." The first items he shows are Captain 3D and True 3D, both 3D comics from the '50s. Walt offers $15 for Captain 3D, but before he can name his price for the other books, Jay chimes in and offers $50 for the lot. Walt eventually agrees to $45 in store credit, lamenting"I probably should've got that for a lot cheaper."

The next customer is Keith, who wants to verify whether his Star Wars light-saber hilt is authentic. Knowing he is unable to authenticate it himself,  Walt calls in a Star Wars expert named Kevin. "Supposedly it was from the first film," Keith tells the guys. Keith's story seems to check out at first, but a detail makes Kevin unsure: "The one thing that makes me doubt it's real is it's weight." Kevin finally concludes that while it is not an authentic lightsaber from Episode IV: A New Hope, it is an authentic prop from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and he values the item at $7,000.

Later, Ming finds out that Jay has charged even more items to his credit card. Jay says thanks before running out of the store without paying Ming back. "Let's just be thankful Hurricane Mewes has gone off coast," says Walt.

On the podcast, the guys discuss why Jay was at the store, and Kevin brings Jay out to explain. He says that he heard Kevin was wondering how things were going at the store, so he decided to check up on things for him. "You inferred that you should fly six hours across the continent because I was going 'I wonder what's going on in the store right now'?" Kevin jokes. Indeed.