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Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Walt challenges his staff to a flea market sales competition. Customers bring some coveted items into the shop.

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On their Comic Book Men podcast, the cast discuss their favorite female superheroes. When Ming chooses Caitlin Fairchild, Walt howls in disbelief, telling Ming, "You couldn't handle that!" Michael picks Catwoman. Kevin goes with Zattana.

Back at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, a local toy store owner brings in a framed sketch of Batman "grinning ear to ear" drawn by Batman creator Bob Kane, a work that Walt calls priceless (or more accurately, worth not less than $10,000). When Walt notices that the drawing has something on the back, the seller opens the frame to see what's on the flips side. Walter wonders if it'll be "some new character (Bob Kane) never got a chance to do" but it turns out to be a press release for an art gallery. "It was a real Capone vault moment," says Walt.

Another seller brings in a Six Million Dollar Man figurine with a telescopic site. Negotiations come to a stalemate until Bryan chips in the $10 difference. Afterwards Bryan jokes, "I can't wait to tell my girlfriend I'm a part-owner." Later, during the podcast, Kevin notes that The Six Million Dollar Man was "the closest thing to a comic book show on TV at that time."

Another seller comes in with a Chucky doll she wants to unload because she's starting her own doll-making business. The woman values her Chucky at $400 so when Walt offers $100, she replies "I don't even know if I can do it for $500... he's happy to come home with me." In hindsight, Walt notes that the doll "was like a child to her." Which amuses Kevin and the gang. Later, a man (who keeps his sunglasses on indoors) arrives with a suitcase handcuffed to his arm. Inside his tote are possessions like an old Dawn of the Dead poster from England and a Tomb of Dracula comic featuring the first appearance of vampire-killer Blade. Unsure of the value of either, Walt and Ming call in friend/advisor Robert Bruce (who Kevin describes as "the fifth Beatle") for an expert appraisal. Bruce advises that "retail would be about $200" for the poster, considerably less than the asking price of $2,000. No sale.  Another seller has better luck selling Walt a Thor poster.

In an attempt to reduce clutter at the Secret Stash, which Kevin compares to "Kevin Spacey's library in Seven," Walt stages a competition among Michael, Bryan and Ming. The challenge: See who can hawk the most merch at Collingswood Flea Market. The prize? Two weekends off in a row. Each of the guys then sets up a table of memorabilia like X-Men action figures, Star Trek commemorative plates, and Bart Simpson dolls. Michael and Bryan manage to sell some merchandise, but Ming, who came an hour early and stays lates, ends up the winner.