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Season 1, Episode 6


Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Ming dares Walt, Bryan and Mike to get tattoos, but will each of the Comic Book Men go through with it?

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At the Secret Stash, Ming asks the guys if they'd sacrifice their "manhood" for superpowers. Michael firmly says no, but Ming says "I don't think I'd miss them at all. I'd do it."

On the Comic Book Men podcast, Kevin sparks a discussion about the guys' favorite superhero teams. Michael likes the Justice League of America, while Walt prefers the Avengers, and Bryan mentions the Super Friends, eliciting scorn for picking a cartoon team.

Back at the store, a woman is looking for a birthday gift to give her Spider-Man obsessed boyfriend. Walt suggests Spider-Man issues #121 and #122, which he calls "the most romantic Spider-Man story ever written." Since her gift is all about romance, she buys the comics even though they cost more than she wanted to spend.

The next customer is a heavily tattooed gentleman named Tim who shows off his newest ink while buying some comics. Walt wonders aloud if he would look bad-ass with tattoos, and Bryan reminds Walt of a 1995 promise he made get a tattoo if the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup. The Devils did indeed win, but according to Bryan, Walt's wife convinced Walt not to get the tattoo by bribing him with a video game system. When Walt suggests they all go get tattoos together. Michael and Ming agree, and Bryan decides to come along too after pointing out "I don't have a wife to check with."

In the midst of a discussion about whether or not they'd ever box a female celebrity, Bryan boasts that he could easily beat Ming in a boxing match before grudgingly admitting that Ming would probably win, noting "I get out of breath eating lunch." A seller enters looking to move a Green Lantern Power Battery prop replica for $280, but that's too much for Ming and Walt, and the seller walks away disappointed.

Later, the guys share their chosen tattoo designs: Walt's is a demon holding the Stanley Cup, Ming's is the Chen family seal, and Michael's is a Superman logo with his wife's name around it. Bryan's tattoo design? His niece, riding a tricycle -- but drawn as a zombie. The guys urge him not to get it. "It's in such poor taste," says Walt.

The next seller is looking to get $40 each for some superhero Barbies, but Walt refuses to carry the dolls in the store, saying "I just don't feel it belongs there." Bryan has no such qualms, and purchases Batgirl and Wonder Woman Barbies for $50 total. "I'm a master negotiator," he later brags on the podcast.

When the time comes to get their tattoos, Ming, Michael and Bryan meet at a tattoo parlor, but Walt doesn't show up, leaving them wondering if he's chickened out again.

Back at the store, a seller wants $100 for three Batman action figures, but the figure of the Penguin is "unmovable," according to Walt. In the end, he ends up purchasing the Penguin, plus figures of Batman and the Joker, for $30 total.

Back at the tattoo parlor, there's still no sign of Walt, but Mike, Ming and Bryan go ahead and get their tattoos anyway. "Is your wife's name spelled with an IE or an Y?" Bryan jokingly asks Ming.

Later, a seller who resembles Kirk Cameron brings in The Incredible Hulk #171, an issue of the independent comic Mr. A, a Batman comic called The Killing Joke, and X-Men #1, which is signed by artist Jim Lee. The seller notes that he got the autograph because his Mom flirted with a security guard at a comic convention. Walt's impressed, saying "You're like the son I never had."  While the seller rejects Walt's offer for the X-Men and Hulk issues, he agrees to sell Mr. A and The Killing Joke for $12 -- and a hug.

Finally, on the podcast, Walt admits he had no intention of getting a tattoo and was tricking Ming and Michael into getting theirs. The guys then show Kevin their tattoos: Ming's family crest, Michael's wife's name in scrimshaw, and Bryan's zombie niece. "Look at the commitment," an impressed Kevin exclaims.

Back at the Secret Stash, Bryan's niece checks out his tattoo and is equally happy with his choice.