Broken Trails
  • Like his Uncle Print, Tom was drawn to the life of a cowboy despite the protests of his stern Huguenot mother. Eventually running away from home to try his hand at rodeo, Tom soon fell into the life of cowhand knowing he’d never be welcome home again. He did send his mother money when he could. Stoic and silent as he works the range, Tom’s truly a man whose actions speak louder than words. And he’s just the man Print can trust to do the right thing, even if it means emptying a few bullet shells and making a few enemies.

  • Thomas Haden Church received an Academy Award® nomination for his role as “Jack” starring opposite Paul Giamatti in Alexander Payne’s critically acclaimed film Sideways. The Fox Searchlight Pictures’ release premiered at the 29th Toronto International Film Festival. Sideways also stars Sandra Oh and Virginia Madsen. The story revolves around a mismatched pair of college ex-roomate’s who decide to take a week-long road trip prior to one of them getting married.

    Church’s next projects include a voice-over role as the crow, Brooks, in the re-make of the book, Charlotte’s Web to be released by Paramount Pictures in 2006. He has also currently in production to play the Spider-Man’s latest archenemy in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 which is scheduled to be released in 2007.

    Thomas Haden Church made his feature film debut in the legendary Tombstone in 1993. His performance is hardly noteworthy, save for the way that he was riddled with bullets at the O.K. corral. Church has proven himself to be a serviceable actor and is best known for his role as the bucket-headed mechanic Lowell Mather on the long-running NBC series Wings. He is also known for his lead role in the FOX series Ned and Stacey, as the self-righteous Ned Dorsey in which he starred opposite famous actress Debra Messing. In 1997, TIME Magazine proclaimed that “Ned Dorsey is one of the six reasons to watch television”. That same year, and for the same performance, Thomas was declared “unfit to live with dogs” by National Public Radio.

    Mr. Church has also ‘been in’ numerous feature films, most notably opposite Brendan Fraser in the box-office blockbuster George of the Jungle, and the straight-to-cable Free Money, opposite the brilliant and bizarre Marlon Brando.

    In addition, Church is also co-screenwriter and director of the film Rolling Kansas, which premiered as an official selection to the Sundance Film Festival in 2003. Acclaimed by no one, it now comfortably resides on Comedy Central.

    Church resides on his ranch in Texas.

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