Broken Trails
  • Educated gentlemen were a rare breed in the west, so finding a man like Henry “Heck” Gilpin playing fiddle in a saloon was a surprise for cowboy Tom Harte. Raised and educated in Virginia high society, Heck was supposed to head to law school, but he preferred to break rules rather than enforce them. So he grabbed his fiddle and headed west, earning what he could along the way as a musician and ranch hand. When Harte offers him a job on a horse drive, Heck eagerly packs his fiddle, his pistol, and a handy ability to speak Crow.

  • For young actor, Scott Cooper, working with Robert Duvall on Broken Trail has resulted in a career milestone. Duvall has agreed to direct and star in Cooper’s original screenplay The Barber of C’Ville. The two met while working on Gods and Generals.

    Cooper’s film credits include Warner Bros’ Save It For Later, directed by Clark Brigham, Takedown about computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, in which he plays a freshly minted FBI agent on his trail, Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Meand Attitude, directed by Rob Nelson, who won both the Cannes Palme d’Or and the Sundance Festival’s Best Picture Award for Northern Lights.

    He has appeared in episodes of The X-Files and The District and in Rain, which aired on Animal Planet.

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