• A horse-thief by trade and a killer by nature, Big Ears Bywater—so nicknamed because he can hear a horse 20 miles distant—is just the kind of man to avoid on the trail. Though he’s done time up in Montana, the minute he’s released, he’s aiming more for vengeance than a clean start. He’s not the kind of man to set up a home, but he does have ties to Cariboo, Idaho and two women there: Nola Johns and Big Rump Kate. While Nola may have somehow touched his hard heart, Kate’s the one who can bankroll him.

  • Chris Mulkey is an actor much in demand. He is currently on screen in North Country, starring Charlize Theron, and can be seen in the upcoming independent features Dirty, Curiosity of Chance and Little Chenier.

    Mulkey co-starred in Radio, with Ed Harris, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Debra Winger, The Fan with Robert DeNiro and Bullworth with Warren Beatty. His credits also include Broken Arrow, 48 Hours, Gas Food and Lodging, Sugar Town, The Hidden and the cult hit Patti Rocks, which he co-wrote as well as starred in.

    For four years Mulkey starred opposite Annie Potts and Lorraine Toussaint in Lifetime’s acclaimed series Any Day Now. He also appeared in Bakersfield PD, Twin Peaks, Arresting Behavior and Leaving LA.

    He has made numerous and wide-ranging guest appearances over the years on series such as CSI, CSI: Miami, Boomtown, Charlie’s Angels and M*A*S*H. He has also appeared in the TV movies Vietnam War Stories, Behind Enemy Lines and Weapons of Mass Distraction – all for HBO.

    Whether at home or on set, Mulkey loves playing the guitar and writing his own songs. Several of his songs were used in Any Day Now. He has performed in clubs around Los Angeles, as well as in Austin and Minneapolis.

    Mulkey lives in LA with his wife, actress Karen Landry and his two daughters.