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Betsy Brandt Talks Bad With VH1; Bad Remembered As One of Obama’s Faves

This week, Betsy Brandt talks about Breaking Bad with VH1 and Moviefone, while The Huffington Post remembers how President Obama called the show one of his favorites. Plus, amNewYork‘s favorite fictional fast-food chains include Los Pollos Hermanos. Read on for more:

• Speaking with VH1 about Breaking Bad‘s effect on her career, Betsy Brandt says, “You look at anything and you’re like, ‘Is this as good as Breaking Bad?’ It took a while for me to stop comparing every project that comes my way to that.”

Moviefone interviews Betsy Brandt, who talks about the importance of being true to a character: “I think this is a big part of being on Breaking Bad for six years. They did not miss a beat. I’m not saying that I had that level of attention to detail, but you respect your audience.”

The Huffington Post, reliving President Obama’s best pop culture moments, remembers when The New York Times published “a detailed account of Obama’s viewing habits” in 2013 and he named Breaking Bad one of his favorite TV shows.

amNewYork‘s favorite fictional fast-food chains include Los Pollos Hermanos, “the domain of Gus Fring, Giancarlo Esposito’s terrifying drug kingpin.”

The Huffington Post reports that baby names inspired by shows on Netflix are “becoming a lot more popular,” with increases seen for the names Walter, Jesse and Mike.

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