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60 Minutes Profiles Bryan Cranston; Crave Hails Ozymandias

This week, 60 Minutes profiles Bryan Cranston, while Crave Online hails “Ozymandias.” Plus, Cranston talks about why he likes Breaking Bad‘s series finale. Read on for more:

• On 60 Minutes, Bryan Cranston says of Breaking Bad, “I was just infused with ideas and I would dream about it and wake up and go, ‘Oh, I have another idea about Walter White.’ It was so well written. And it just got into my soul.”

Crave Online deems “Ozymandias” one of history’s best TV episodes: “What begins with a shootout and ends with the complete fallout for Walter White, his money and his family becomes an all-encompassing full circle decline for our antihero.”

• Bryan Cranston tells Newsday one of his favorite episodes is “Felina,” the series finale,  “because [Walt] was more honest than at any other time in the show, confessing he liked what he did, and that he was good at it, and did it for himself.”

• Reading Bryan Cranston’s memoir, the New York Post learns what Cranston was thinking as Walt watched Jane die: “I wasn’t looking at Jane, or Jesse’s girlfriend, or actor Krysten Ritter. I was looking at Taylor, my daughter, my real daughter. I wasn’t Walter White anymore. I was Bryan Cranston. And I was seeing my daughter die.”

Zimbio calls Jesse and Jane two of TV history’s most star-crossed lovers, commenting that “watching Jane overdose was one of the most difficult scenes on Breaking Bad. Her death also sent Jesse into an even bigger downwards spiral.”

The Taos News spotlights Albuquerque, which received “a renewed national reputation in recent years, especially after the award-winning drama Breaking Bad kick-started the TV industry in the Land of Enchantment.”

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