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Bryan Cranston Happy With Bad Ending; Today Interviews Aaron Paul

This week, Bryan Cranston is satisfied with the Breaking Bad ending, while Today interviews Aaron Paul. Plus, Zootopia co-directors explain the movie’s Breaking Bad allusion. Read on for more:

• Bryan Cranston tells The Sydney Morning Herald, “Breaking Bad had such a definitive ending that I’m really satisfied with that, and so I don’t want to continue with that story; there’s no way to revive that story. Let’s let that be itself and let it go off and be what it is.”

• Aaron Paul, talking to Today about his new movie, Eye in the Sky, says, “I play a pilot who’s in the safety of his bunker just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, flying a drone over Kenya and it’s just such a strange thing that this pilot is in control of this huge drone that has missiles attached to it.”

Zootopia‘s co-directors tells Entertainment Weekly about the movie’s Breaking Bad reference: “We’d say, ‘A lab…like Breaking Bad‘ or ‘Blue flowers, like Breaking Bad.’ And little by little, it just became like Breaking Bad.”

Entertainment Weekly interviews Aaron Paul about the loss of his Eye in the Sky co-star, Alan Rickman, and he says, “It came as a horrible shock to everyone. We lost one of the most brilliant people in this profession.” reports that Breaking Bad is “the most binge-worthy TV boxset of all-time,” according to a study of 2,000 U.K. adults by a market research firm called OnePoll.

Gamezone reports that The Division contains a Breaking Bad Easter egg: “Instead of Jess[e] and Walter, we have Jonathan Pinkman and William White making an obvious callback to the series.”

Fox Sports notes that the Denver Broncos’ Von Miller used “a hilarious photoshopped image” from Breaking Bad to congratulate Brock Osweiler and Malik Jackson on their new contracts.

• Speaking with Men’s Journal about his Idaho boyhood, Aaron Paul explains, “I think I kind of took it for granted when I was being raised there. It was just a daily occurrence to be cliff jumping and floating down rivers.” considers Breaking Bad one of the 10 best series on Netflix because the “fall of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White across 62 episodes of Breaking Bad is mesmerizing… and it’s a perfectly bingeable show.”

Backstage takes a look at 10 actors, including Bryan Cranston, “who have taken on directing television shows as another outlet to showcase their talent.”

2paragraphs spotlights Matt Jones, Badger, who plays Christy’s ex-husband, Baxter, on CBS’ Mom.

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