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Eight Ways to Get Ready for Saul Goodman on the Breaking Bad Binge This Sunday at 5/4c

Lawyer up! Saul Goodman, Walt and Jesse’s shady lawyer extraordinaire, will make his first appearance on the Breaking Bad Binge this weekend, during Season 2, Episode 8, “Better Call Saul” on Sunday, August 24 at 5/4c. Can’t wait until then to catch up with Saul? Check out these quizzes, videos and more…

1. Saul is probably best known for his quips against even the most hardened criminals. Think you can remember them? Test your knowledge with this Saul Goodman Quotes Quiz.

2. What’s your favorite Saul line? Vote for your number one here and see where it ranks on the list.

3. Reacquaint yourself with Bob Odenkirk with these interviews from Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 and the Final Episodes.

4. Do you know Saul Goodman’s real last name? What about where he went to law school? See how well you know Saul Goodman with this Ultimate Fan quiz, then see how well you know the man who plays him, Bob Odenkirk.

5. Welcome lawbreakers to! Saul has his own website where you can watch videos, testimonials and even an office cam.

6. Watch this first-look clip from Better Call Saul, featuring Saul soliciting new clients.

7. Get social! Follow Breaking Bad on Facebook and Twitter and share your favorite Saul moments with other fans, then subscribe to the Better Call Saul newsletter for all the latest news on Saul’s upcoming show.

8. Check out the Breaking Bad Binge Companion to interact with the episode and watch a clip of Walt’s first meeting ever with Saul.

The Breaking Bad Binge airs Sunday at 5/4c.


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