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Bryan Cranston Talks to CBS, NPR; Breaking Bad Wins Peabody Award

BB-Episode311-Gus-Walt-325.jpgThis week, CBS News and NPR interview Bryan Cranston, while Breaking Bad is honored with a Peabody Award. Plus, Anna Gunn will be off-Broadway this summer. Read on for more:

Talking to CBS News, Bryan Cranston — who’s playing President Lyndon Johnson on Broadway in All the Way — reflects on the civil rights legacy of the 36th president, saying, “He went against the norm in a time, in the early ’60s, when he just as easily could’ve just let it be the status quo.”

NPR interviews Bryan Cranston, who says his appearance enables him to be “more chameleon-like, as opposed to, let’s say, Jon Hamm, who is this handsome, striking, black-haired, chiseled-looking guy.”

Breaking Bad, “a stunning brand of visual storytelling and meticulous character development,” wins a Peabody Award.

Variety reports that Anna Gunn has been cast in an off-Broadway play called Sex With Strangers that will be directed by David Schwimmer.

Time‘s list of the most shocking TV deaths includes Hank and Gus.

One of Rolling Stone‘s best TV moments last year was Walt paying Robert Forster’s character to play cards with him: “For Walter White, this is what his whole criminal empire comes down to – hiring a fellow crook to make him feel like a regular guy for a few minutes.”

Wired highlights a graph that shows high viewer ratings for Breaking Bad and a strong upward progression for each season: “By ending every season stronger than it started, Breaking Bad never left fans disappointed.”

Digital Spy thinks Walt lost the sympathy of viewers when he let Jane die in Season 2, calling it “the starkest turning point” for Breaking Bad‘s anti-hero.

Breaking Bad‘s fans span the globe. The Huffington Post reports that Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv football team unfurled a banner during a game that said “I’m not in danger, I am the danger.”

Mashable spotlights a fan’s paintings of Walt that each reveal “a different side of his personality; a different story for every important person in his life.”

Entertainment Tonight‘s gallery of notable guest stars on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother includes Bryan Cranston.

A.V. Club reports that Bob Odenkirk will guest-star on IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! this season.

According to Omaha’s WOWT, RJ Mitte brings his anti-bullying message to Creighton University and credits Breaking Bad for filling up the auditorium: “I wouldn’t have the platform without Breaking Bad. I wouldn’t be able to come do this.”

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