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Bryan Cranston Visits David Letterman; Vince Gilligan and Cast Chat With NY Times

This week, David Letterman hosts Bryan Cranston, while Breaking Bad’s cast and Vince Gilligan do a panel for The New York Times. Plus, the first episode back, on Aug. 11, is already receiving plaudits. Read on for more:

On Late Show with David Letterman, Bryan Cranston talks about wandering around Comic-Con in his Walter White mask.

During a The New York Times conversation with Vince Gilligan and the cast, Bryan Cranston remarks that the show’s actors are the “mouthpieces” of Gilligan’s “sick and demented mind.” Entertainment Weekly comments on the Times panel.

“It’s as good as it’s ever been. As good as any TV show has ever been,” writes TheWrap in its preview of the Aug. 11 episode. The Hollywood Reporter calls the return episode “riveting from start to finish,” while the New York Daily News awards the episode four stars. Inside Jersey and Variety have additional reviews.

New York learned eight things from the show’s Television Critics Association panel last week. The Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly, HitFix, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, TVLine, USA Today and Zap2it were also there.

• Previewing the final episodes, Rolling Stone remarks, “Heisenberg is the true identity; Walter White is the fraud.” [No Link]

USA Today says now is “a spotlight moment” for Dean Norris, who stars in both Breaking Bad and CBS’ Under the Dome. Meanwhile, Norris tells the Los Angeles Times that Season 5 is his favorite, because “every scene I do has a lot of intensity. Hank has become a major focus.”

Dean Norris, visiting The View, calls Breaking Bad the “perfect show,” and tells CBS This Morning “there’s not a false note in any of the episodes.”

The Los Angeles Times visits the drama’s Albuquerque set and discusses how the show’s “ultimate outcome has made the end of Breaking Bad perhaps the most anticipated TV finale since the curtain dropped ambiguously in 2007 on The Sopranos.”

Breaking Bad‘s critical success and “cultlike following in Hollywood has turned [Vince] Gilligan into a coveted prize” as he becomes “Hollywood’s hottest unsigned TV showrunner,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking with Backstage, Aaron Paul jokes that because of his Breaking Bad experience, “I can cry a lot easier, I think.”

Betsy Brandt talks to the Chicago Sun-Times about her TV husbands, Dean Norris’ Hank and Michael J. Fox’s Mike. The (Bend, Oreg.) Bulletin speaks with Brandt about moving from Breaking Bad to NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show.

The New York Times calls Breaking Bad “the story of a man mastering his vocation and fighting to claim his rightful place in the world.”

The Wall Street Journal attends the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Breaking Bad marathon, an “experiment in communal binge-watching.”

The Hollywood Reporter has video of what happened in the RV as Vince Gilligan and the cast arrived at the screening of the return episode.

New York revisits Breaking Bad’s previous seasons, observing, “what struck me the most was how moving it was.”

/film has a detailed rundown of the live Breaking Bad pilot reading directed by Jason Reitman last week.

Aaron Paul shows up on the cover of Nylon Guys, which calls its interview of Paul “one of our favorites.”

The Hollywood Reporter showcases a teaser for the final episodes, where Walt recites Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Ozymandias.

Breaking Bad’s ending is “appropriate,” Bryan Cranston shares with Zap2it — and it probably doesn’t have anything to do with Jesse getting a sex-change operation.

Dean Norris tells TVLine that the final episodes are “some of the best eight of the entire series” and “will hit you like a freight train.”

Speaking with Zap2it, Betsy Brandt calls the series finale “the perfect ending for the show.”

BuzzFeed lists Walt’s 16 worst transgressions over the course of the series.

Uproxx takes a closer look at Skyler, describing her as Walt’s “most formidable foe.”

Uproxx composes an ode to Saul Goodman, “one of the greatest lawyers in the history of television.”

Den of Geek wonders, about Walt, “Is it possible to pinpoint the moment that he switched from goodie to baddie?”

Entertainment Weekly has a clip of Bryan Cranston on Sundance Channel’s The Writers’ Room speaking about his “animalistic desire to tackle the role of Walter White.” The Week reveals the eight things it learned from the episode.

The Los Angeles Times highlights the Breaking Bad-themed episode of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, airing Aug. 12.

The curator of the Museum of the Moving Image tells Co.CREATE that the museum organized a Breaking Bad exhibit because it’s “such an exemplary television series.” City Guide also visits the exhibit, titled “From Mr. Chips to Scarface: Walter White’s Transformation in Breaking Bad.”

Gotham News applauds Breaking Bad‘s method of storytelling that makes the “crazed emotional moments all the more shocking.”

Nashville Scene is quite sure that Breaking Bad is destined to be a classic show that “TV fans will forever discuss, debate and dissect.”

WebProNews — noting there have “never been two better cultural creations to come out of Albuquerque, New Mexico” — showcases a mash-up of Breaking Bad and Weird Al Yankovic’s Albuquerque.

• In a Mr. Show reunion of sorts, Bob Odenkirk appears with David Cross in this week’s episode of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!

Den of Geek reports that the final eight episodes will be available in the U.K. on Netflix the day after they air in the U.S., starting Monday, August 12.

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