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Seven Games That Let You Enter the World of Breaking Bad as a Player

Spring is here and the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are just around the corner. So what to do until summer? Why not get in on the action yourself with revisit some online Breaking Bad games from the past five seasons. See more details below.

Breaking Bad – The Interrogation Graphic Novel Adventure Game
There’s an art to interrogation — an art that DEA Agent Hank Schrader has mastered. But how about you? Here’s your chance to find out: Assume the role of Hank in this Breaking Bad mystery game. Can you break the suspect before he lawyers up? One way to find out…

Breaking Bad – The Cost of Doing Business Graphic Novel Adventure Game
The streets of ABQ are dangerous. Just ask Jesse Pinkman. Think you could do better? Put your criminal wits to the test: Play as Jesse and see if you can get past shady lawyers, drug-addled prostitutes and dangerous thugs without getting killed. Good luck!

Criminal Aptitude Personality Test
Sure, you’re an upstanding citizen for the moment. But if you broke bad, what kind of a crook would you be: A cocky DEA snitch or a shoplifter with a tendency toward vandalism? Take the Criminal Aptitude Test and in seven questions, you’ll discover your personal pathway to prison.

ABQ’s Baddest Criminals Tournament
Which lawbreaker has what it takes to top the DEA’s Most Wanted list? Does Tortuga sport a longer rap sheet than Tuco? Is Saul Goodman a sleazier suit than Ken Wins? Vote in’s rap sheet tournament and help decide who breaks baddest.

Gale Boetticher’s Interactive Case File
In Season 4, a convalescent Hank investigates the murder of Gale Boetticher. You too can sift through the evidence and see how he linked an industrial filter manual to a superlab hidden in a laundry facility. (Don’t miss Gale’s karaoke rendition of Peter “Major Tom.”)

Go Fring Yourself App
A muted bell is tapped until a blinding explosion. Suddenly, Gustavo Fring is no more. Ever wondered what it felt like to be Gus in his final moment? Of course you have! Now you can  experience the Chicken Man’s last day on Earth via

DEA Evidence Board
How does Madrigal Electromotive’s Herr Schuler connect to a bombed-out nursing home? Where do Don Eladio and Tio fit into a criminal organization helmed by an upstanding local businessman? Get a closer look at Hank’s leading suspects and trace every connection yourself.

And for an interactive refresher, play the Breaking Bad Ultimate Fan Games — comprehensive trivia quizzes covering the past five seasons.

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