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Pedestrian‘s Five Minutes With Bryan Cranston; Giancarlo Esposito Plays the Anti-Gus Fring

This week, Pedestrian spends five minutes with Bryan Cranston, while Giancarlo Esposito talks to TV Guide about playing the anti-Gus Fring. Plus, it’s time to play Methopoly, a fan’s Breaking Bad-based creation. Read on for more:

Pedestrian spends five minutes with Bryan Cranston, talking about Argo and the importance of creating a backstory for the characters he plays.

TV Guide speaks with Giancarlo Esposito about his latest turn on NBC’s Community. He says, “It was a breath of fresh air to do something like this after playing Gustavo Fring for so long.”

• If you can’t get enough of Breaking Bad, then go to to learn about Methopoly (Monopoly with a Heisenberg theme).

Box Office Prophets selects Breaking Bad as the best TV show of the year for the second consecutive year because it’s “head and shoulders above anything else in television today.”

Digital Spy, Los Angeles Times, TV Guide and TVLine report on Breaking Bad‘s Writers Guild Award win for best dramatic series.

• The New Mexico Telegram reports that the so-called Breaking Bad bill, offering more incentives to TV shows that choose to film in the state, has cleared another hurdle.

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