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Breaking Bad Tops Boston Globe‘s Best List; Gilligan One of 2012’s Most Intriguing People

This week, Breaking Bad tops the Boston Globe‘s list of the year’s best TV, while the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune considers Vince Gilligan one of TV’s most intriguing people. Read on for more:

The Boston Globe‘s puts Breaking Bad on top of its list of 2012’s best, noting, “Each of the eight episodes this year was a gem, with the hour called ‘Fifty-One’ shining particularly brightly.” The San Jose Mercury News rates Breaking Bad the year’s best TV show, calling Walt’s journey “disturbing, horrifying — and absolutely mesmerizing.” Newsday also calls Breaking Bad, “a masterpiece of direction, writing, pacing and (of course) storytelling,” at No. 1. Breaking Bad is also The Orange County Register‘s top show. (No link)

Samuel L. Jackson tells Indiewire that he wanted to walk onto the Breaking Bad set and order some chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos when he was shooting The Avengers in Albuquerque.

The (Minneapolis) Star Tribune calls Vince Gilligan one of TV’s most intriguing people because the transformation of his creation, Walt, is “one of the cruelest and most masterful magic tricks in TV history.” The publication also named Breaking Bad the year’s No. 1 show.

The Huffington Post‘s No. 1 OMG TV moment is Hank’s discovery of the book of poetry that Gale gave to Walt.

• Mike is one of the TV characters who died this year (“This cool-as-ice-cop-turned-fixer was the perfect foil to Walter White”) that the Chicago Sun-Times will miss the most. (No link)

Zap2it considers Season 5, Episode 4, “Fifty-One” to be one of the year’s best TV episodes because it “deftly combined Walt’s birthday with Skyler’s total meltdown.”

The New York Daily News, which believes that conflicted characters like Walt make TV shows more intriguing, also calls Breaking Bad one of the year’s 20 best shows because “Bryan Cranston has made Walter White one of the most compelling and chilling characters on television.”

The San Francisco Chronicle observes that 2012’s best shows were all old favorites, like No. 2’s Breaking Bad.

USA Today lists Breaking Bad as one of 2012’s top 10 shows and names Bryan Cranston one of the drama actors of the year. Breaking Bad was one of the New York Post‘s favorite shows this year because it’s “riveting still with the promise of a wild ride this summer.” The Plain Dealer (“the acting remains at a mesmerizingly high level”) and The Detroit News (“a lot of people, me included, are going to be sad to see this extraordinary ride end”) also rank Breaking Bad as one of 2012’s top shows.

Breaking Bad is one of Metro‘s and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette‘s top five 2012 shows (No link). Breaking Bad, “still surprising, still mesmerizing,” is one of the Denver Post‘s top shows last year, while the St. Louis Post-Dispatch names Breaking Bad one of the year’s best shows, commending the drama’s “bold” plotting. And, the San Antonio Express-News considers Breaking Bad, “a deftly wrought character study of a good man who has crossed to the dark side,” one of 2012’s best too.

The Detroit News anticipates the return of Breaking Bad. (No link)

• Check out The Huffington Post to find out one fan’s opinion on why Walt is obsessed with the fly in Season 3, Episode 10, “Fly.”

Adweek reports that Breaking Bad was the most time-shifted TV show in 2012.

The Hollywood Reporter documents the lifelike pencil drawings of the Breaking Bad cast that have been shared with Aaron Paul and Dean Norris, among others. highlights a tweet from Bryan Cranston, where he reveals that his favorite Christmas present was the “perfect gift for Walter White.”

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