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Aaron Paul Answers Fan Questions

Emmy-winner Aaron Paul answers fan questions about the best prank he ever pulled on set, the potential for a TwaughtHammer reunion, and the one quality he shares with his character, Jesse Pinkman.

Q: Hey Aaron, what was your favorite scene to film so far in the first four seasons of Breaking Bad? —Harrisonator

A: That’s such a hard question to answer. I like the lighter scenes because it’s such a dark show. The pilot was great — the scene outside of the bank when Walt is getting money for the Winnebago and Jesse tells him how he’s now how he remembers him from class. That was the very first scene from Breaking Bad I shot. Any sort of physical fighting I do with Bryan is fun, also.

Q: What is your personal favorite scene or line from the series —Vartan

A: “This is my own private domicile, bitch.” That’s definitely up there. Anytime Jesse feels the need to say, “Yo,” and “Bitch,” I get really excited about it. And “Yo” has definitely come into my day-to-day existence.

Q: Yo, who taught you how to insult people and call them BlTCH? —Michael Louis Kruger Paciocco

A: Vince Gilligan definitely taught me how to do it. He just wrote in on the page.

Q: Jesse still refers to Walt as Mr. White, the same as when Walt was Jesse’s high school chem teacher. After all the two of them have been through together, why do you think Jesse still calls him that? —ritzcracker

A: I have no idea, I love it though. Whenever I run into a teacher of mine back in Idaho, I tend to call them, “Mr. Link,” or “Mrs. Thompson.” I know their full name but I guess it’s maybe out of respect. Jesse did call Mr. White “Walt” one time.

Q: Do you and Jesse have anything in common? —Ashley Nicol

A: Not so much to be honest — and that’s a good thing. But he has a soft spot for kids and I definitely have that also. I have so many nieces and nephews and I can’t wait to have kids one day. I think Jesse Pinkman would make an excellent father — but not right now. He needs to hang up his cleats, get out of the drug business for a while and grow up.

Q: I often wonder how many people must call you Jesse in real life and if anyone treats you like they would treat Jesse. —Candace Shively

A: Yeah, people come up to me all the time calling me Jesse Pinkman and yelling, “Yo, bitch!” I can tell where they’re at in the show when they say, “I hate you!” or, “What are you doing?” or, “You are going to get everybody killed!”

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Q: If Jesse were to exist in real life, and you met him, what would you say to him? –Talia

A: Get it together man! And stay the hell away from Walter White. And I would tell him all of Walt’s darkest secrets and open up his eyes to reality.

Q: Is there something in particular that you think about to bring on the tears? They move me to well up in my own eyes and surprise me every time Jesse goes to shed a tear. – Erin Ryan

A: You know I don’t even draw on my life experiences when I’m acting. I just try and make it feel like I’m living through that person’s skin. So I think about what Jesse’s going through at that moment.

Q: Is there any part of New Mexico that you will miss when filming wraps up? – Luke Armijo

A: There are a lot of parts of New Mexico that I’m going to miss. I fell in love with that city during the first season and fell in love with the entire state in the seasons after that. I own a place there and I’m going to keep it, so I’ll go back. And I’m going to miss the family of Breaking Bad.

Q: What’s the best prank you’ve played on a cast member of Breaking Bad? – chickenmeth

A: Bryan and I are always messing with each other. We were shooting a scene — the last scene of Season 4, we were on the rooftop of a parking garage and we kept playing a joke on our crew members who were down on the street. We kept pouring water on them, but they couldn’t tell where it was coming from, so they would move down the street — and we would just follow them. By the end of it they were pretty wet, and still had no idea where it was coming from.

Q: Will there ever be a TwaughtHammer reunion? —Trench

A: I surely hope so. The band needs to get back together.

Q: Other than Ice Road Truckers, what other shows does Jesse Pinkman watch while he’s not cooking in the kitchen? – Laura Franek

A: Oh he’s obsessed with Pawn Stars, probably The Deadliest Catch and maybe some Family Guy. But I think Ice Road Truckers is really his go-to.

Q: My question is would Jesse survive a zombie apocalypse, and if so how would he do so? – Rose Lovering

A: That is the greatest question I have ever heard. I think Jesse would find some sort of bunker, fill it up with Funyons and Cheez Whiz and just hide out and enjoy his life alone.

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