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Breaking Bad Is a Screen Junkies Favorite; Walter, Jr. in The Breakfast Club

This week, Screen Junkies deems Breaking Bad to be one of the greatest shows of the last decade while RJ Mitte’s Walter, Jr. is photoshopped into The Breakfast Club poster. Read on for more:

Screen Junkies calls Breaking Bad “one of the greatest shows of the last decade” and includes Mike on its list of favorite TV assassins.

VH1 spotlights a photoshop of RJ Mitte’s Walter, Jr. as all the members of The Breakfast Club, noting, “Great image on its own, then the Walter ‘breakfast’ joke is just the syrup on top of Walter’s constant breakfast.”

Breaking Bad‘s composer, Dave Porter, talks to ASCAP about debating the show’s music with Vince Gilligan: “Vince is right. Always.” Porter also did an interview with ASCAP last month.

Len Wiseman talks to MTV about directing Bryan Cranston as a villain in Total Recall: “He has a little bit more passion for what he’s doing, where you actually believe it is the right thing, rather than twirling your mustache a bit too much.”

Very Aware wonders where Bryan Cranston is in the new Rock of Ages poster: “We haven’t seen him at all yet. Don’t hold back on Cranston, ROCK OF AGES.”

Flavorwire includes Bryan Cranston in its video essay of famous people in their screen debuts. Watch the video to see Cranston in 1987’s Amazing Women on the Moon. hopes NBC will make Giancarlo Esposito’s Revolution into a series because “if you really need a reason, how about seeing more Giancarlo Esposito on your TV every week?”

Check out Bob Odenkirk in a promo video (via Rolling Stone) for Tenacious D’s new album, Rize of the Fenix, out May 15.

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