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What You’re Obsessing About in Gale’s Interactive Case File

At one point in Season 4, Hank’s former boss Tim Roberts visits to solicit help solving the Gale Boetticher homicide. To entice Hank, Tim brings along a copy of Gale’s “Lab Notes” before eventually handing over the entire case file. That file includes police reports, crime scene photos, and snapshots of key evidence. Though Breaking Bad fans already know who killed Gale, they too have become obsessed with the clues. Below is a list of the most-viewed items in Gale’s Interactive Case File:

1. Gale’s Lab Book
2. Gale’s Karaoke Video
3. Crime Scene Photos
4. Suspect Sketch
5. Incident Report
6. Officer’s Report Narrative
7. Fingerprint Card
8. Coroner’s Report
9. Albuquerque Police Department Report
10. Forensics Report

Missed some of these items? Click here to access the Gale Boetticher interactive case file.

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