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Breaking Bad Season 4 Interviews With Vince Gilligan and A Couple Members of the Crew

A great way to go deeper into Breaking Bad‘s fourth season is to check out three exclusive interviews with series creator Vince Gilligan as well as a couple of interviews with various members of the Breaking Bad crew. Below is a sample of what they had to say — click on their names to read the full interview.

• “I just think it’s absolutely wonderful that so many smart people like the show and are watching it and combing through it for the most minute details. I never believed the show would even go on the air in the first place!” — Vince Gilligan (Series Creator) in Part I of his interview

• “Anyone who is a showrunner on a TV show is a control freak to a certain extent, but the truth is you have to allow other people into your creative process. You’d be a fool not to.” — Vince Gilligan (Series Creator) in Part II of his interview

• “I want Breaking Bad to end as it began, with people engaged and confounded by it.” — Vince Gilligan (Series Creator) in Part III of his interview

• “There is no one on this show wearing a white hat or a black hat… no heroes or villains. So the hard part [when writing music for the show] is identifying and then expressing the right shades of gray.” — Dave Porter (Composer)

• “You never think things [like Heisenberg’s pork pie hat] are going to become so iconic, but they really did. ?” — Kathleen Detoro (Costume Designer)

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