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Breaking Bad Season 4 Interviews With the Cast


One great way to go deeper into Breaking Bad‘s fourth season is to check out the exclusive interviews with the cast conducted by Below is a sample of what the actors had to say — click on their names to read the full interview.

• “I think Walter White is the role of my lifetime. I’m enjoying the ride.” — Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

• “I have such a deep connection to Jesse Pinkman. I feel like he is in some ways a part of me.

” — Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman)

• “I don’t really know how to explain heads on tortoises to [my ten-year-old] yet.” — Anna Gunn (Skyler White)

• “You know, it’s tough: Hank’s physicality was a big part of who he was, so to have lost that has made him bitter.” — Dean Norris (Hank Schrader)

• “You have to believe that I did some joking around during the bedpan scene! I modeled it as a hat on my head.” — Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader)

• “There is really a lot that is going on inside the character that’s more crazy and troubling. I think once people get into the story of Walter Jr. they’re going to see another side of what’s going on in his world.” — RJ Mitte (Walter, Jr.)

• “I like how unrelenting Saul can be. He doesn’t take no for an answer, at least the first four times.” — Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman)

• “I just drop myself to the point where I become devoid of feeling. The moments when Gus is really demonstratively powerful and frightening is when his eyes go dead.” — Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring)

• “Boy, do I believe in silence. I honestly believe that the camera tells everything. Trust what you’re feeling and it will pretty much come through.” — Jonathan Banks (Mike)

• “[Giancarlo Esposito] scared the s–t out of me because I couldn’t tell whether this was a terrific actor, or some crazy who they put in.” — Mark Margolis (Hector “Tio” Salamanca)

• “[Gomez] is trying to go out on his own, and he’s not really good at it because he’s never had to do it. He’s always had Hank to get through the door or do all the talking.” — Steven Michael Quezada (Steven Gomez)

• “You step on the set with Anna Gunn or Bob Odenkirk and it’s like running with racehorses — you run faster.” — Christopher Cousins (Ted Beneke)

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