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Breaking Bad Makes TV Guide‘s Hot List; Daily Mail Calls Show “Best Series on American TV”

bb-s4-studio-walt-jesse-gus-catwalk-325.jpgThis week, TV Guide includes Breaking Bad on their Hot List, GoldDerby likes Breaking Bad‘s chances for a Golden Globe nomination for best drama, and Forbes, Buzzline, and the U.K.’s Daily Mail all praise the series. Read on for more:

TV Guide includes Breaking Bad on its most recent Hot List: “Critics and fans universally declared Season 4 its best, most intense yet.” (No link)

The U.K.’s Daily Mail praises Breaking Bad, saying the show is “currently the best series on American TV.”

GoldDerby likes Breaking Bad‘s chances of getting a Golden Globe nomination for best drama.

Buzzine reviews Breaking Bad: “All will agree that somehow, impossibly, it keeps getting better and better.”

Forbes is up to Season 2 in its viewing of Breaking Bad and calls the show “a truly remarkable drama.”

The Hollywood Reporter examines whether TV series should get second chances and points out that Breaking Bad — one of “the most high-profile and greatest cable series in recent memory” — enjoyed ratings gains as time went on.

The St. Petersburg Times‘ discussion of the proliferation of anti-heroes on TV includes Walter White, as well as Cullen Bohannon of AMC’s Hell on Wheels.

Salon cites Gus’ various surveillance feeds in their look at the theme of surveillance on prime-time TV shows: “How many times did the show’s protagonist, Walter White, glare up at that surveillance camera bolted high on the wall of Gus’ meth lab?”

• Madison, Wisconsin’s interviews Bill Burr, who says that getting a part on Breaking Bad was “a huge moment — up there with getting to do an HBO special. That’s how big that show is for me.”

Broadway World reviews the production of Next Fall featuring Betsy Brandt, who “adds great touches of humanity.” The Santa Barbara Independent has a photo of Betsy on-stage.

Deadline reports that Aaron Paul is one of four actors being considered for the role of the son of Bruce Willis’ character in A Good Day To Die Hard.

Jere Burns, who plays Jesse’s Narcotics Anonymous group leader, is cheered by TV Guide for, among other things, his “impressive” performance on Breaking Bad. addresses the probable reasons why Bryan Cranston wasn’t considered for the role of Commissioner Gordon in the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman films.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Bob Odenkirk will be a consultant on a comedy presentation ordered by Comedy Central called My Mans.

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