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What You’re Saying About Brock’s Illness

bb-s3-dvd-br-325.jpgThroughout Breaking Bad Season 4, AMC will award Talk Forum commenters quoted in our weekly “What You’re Saying” post with prizes (limit one per person).This week, commenters will receive Season 3 DVD sets. Next week: Heisenberg T-shirts.

Breaking Bad fans are buzzing this week about Brock’s sudden illness and trip to the hospital, with commenters on the Talk Forum debating whether or not Brock was poisoned — and if so, by whom. Here’s a sampling of what people are saying:

• “I just think its a BIG stretch that anyone poisoned him. If he did get into the poison at all. Someone already used the term ‘red herring.'” — Handysmurf

• “This is Breaking Bad here, they wouldn’t just introduce something like this and have it be a complete coincidence. Would you be satisfied with the explanation that the kid just happened to get sick on the same day Jesse randomly lost his ricin cigarette?” — tonyg567

• “Gus poisoned the kid. It was his appropriate response to Jesse not signing off on killing Walt.” — Wayne

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