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Marie’s Blog – Mum’s the Word

Hello Internet!

I apologize for last week’s blog — I guess it was pretty obvious, but I had other stuff on my mind. I still do, actually. Things here are… well, they’re completely insane. I can’t really go into it, because I’ve been told in the strongest possible terms that I have to keep my keyboard zipped. To quote Hank: “Not. One. Word.” Jeez, as if I would! I am aware that this is a situation that calls for a certain amount of discretion.

Here’s what I will say: If I ever, even as a joke, complained about paying my taxes, I officially take it back. I have never been happier to see my tax dollars at work than in the last few days. If I could, I would literally write a check for the entire balance of our checking account and mail it to the state and federal government. (Except that we actually need that money.)

I am a big believer in “you get what you pay for,” but truthfully, this week, my family and I have gotten far more than we ever paid for. I mean, can you put a price on safety? On not being killed? I don’t think so.

Actually, it’s kind of amazing how much we get for our tax dollars. I mean, all along, we’ve been driving on paved roads, and sending my nephew to public school, and generally enjoying all the little benefits of a civilized country — street lights, electricity, running water, working sewer systems, no armed gunmen running through the streets. (Well, most of the time, anyway.) And then something like this comes along, and without blinking an eye, our government spends… boy, I don’t know, thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands? Well, they spend a lot of money to make sure that one family — including some kids who’ve never paid a dime in taxes yet — doesn’t end up as one of those horrible stories on the nightly news, involving “unknown assailants” and —

Okay, Hank (reading over my shoulder here — PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE!) tells me it’s time to wrap up, so… until next week… hopefully…

Keep us in your thoughts. We could use it. Thanks.

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