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Marie’s Blog – Fearing the Worst, Hoping for the Best

maries-blog-hdr.jpgHello Internet!

Well, you could knock me over with a feather. I CANNOT even believe what is going on right now.

Can anyone explain to me why a perfectly sane man — a father and a husband with a family who loves him — would deliberately put his life in danger to go work in a car wash, of all places, when he could be safe and sound under the protection of federal agents? It makes no sense.

I understand, it’s a big investment to buy a business, and you need to show customers that you’re there for them, rain or shine, seven days a week. (Although, technically, not during rain because no one gets their car washed in crappy weather. But you see my point.)

But it’s a CAR WASH. Are you telling me there isn’t one employee in the whole business who could be trusted to run the register for a day or two? Okay, let’s say he robs you blind. What have you lost? A couple days’ income. Meanwhile, you’ve potentially saved your life.

Also, this whole business about the explosion at the nursing home? Thank god more people weren’t hurt. At first, I was sure it was some kind of crazy Al Qaeda attack, but the more I watch the news — and talk to a few insiders — turns out, it had NOTHING to do with terrorists. Which, on the one hand, thank god, because if terrorists start attacking Albuquerque, then really, we are all in a lot of trouble. Not like New York or Washington deserve to be attacked, but it makes way more sense. What kind of point are you making if you attack a nursing home in the middle of New Mexico? You hate old people? Okay, but so what — they’re already at death’s door.

Sorry, getting back to my main point: I can’t go into a lot of detail… (What else is new? Hank is actually threatening to edit my blogs before I post them now, like some kind of ridiculous blog cop. As if he doesn’t have MUCH more important things going on right now.) But from what I’ve heard? Let’s just say that a certain local fast food joint has been flavoring its signature dish with something that packs a little more kick than habanero, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, it’s probably better that way, because if you knew what I know, your mind would be blown. (Mine is.)

I’m not going to lie. Lately, life has kind of “sucked it,” as my nephew says. My brother-in-law has lung cancer, my husband got shot by some armed maniacs, he spent months fighting to get back on his feet, and now something like this happens, and I have to ask: What is going on in the world? What happened to the normal life that I was living a couple minutes ago?

It’s gone, is what I think. And it’s probably never coming back. So maybe I’d better get used to this new, nutso version of reality, where bad things happen to the people I love, and things don’t always turn out so great. But then I remember all the support and love that people sent our way when Hank was hurt, all the donations helped pay for my brother-in-law’s treatment, the fantastic nurses and physical therapists who took care of Hank and got him back on his feet. I didn’t know this before, but I know it now: There’s always some good in every bad situation.

So here’s hoping that recent events are a sign that certain law enforcement agencies are closing in on certain criminals, that things are going to quiet down now, and we can all get on with our lives. God knows, if Hank has anything to say about it, they will. I’ve seen how hard he was willing to work on a case that was colder than Sandia Peak in January — give him a new case with fresh clues and there’ll be no stopping him. I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of that, Internet, and neither would you.

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