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Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 9, “Bug” – Online Extras


This week, the Cartel kept the pressure on Gus by sending a sniper; Hank’s rogue investigation of Gus led him to the Los Pollos Hermanos factory farm; Ted’s IRS audit put Skyler’s money laundering scheme into jeopardy; and Walt and Jesse had a knock-down, drag-out fistfight. You can learn more about these developments by checking out the online extras for Episode 9, “Bug”:

An “Inside Breaking Bad” video that takes you behind the scenes of Episode 9

A second “Inside Breaking Bad” video that takes you behind the scenes of the filming of Walt and Jesse’s fight

Ten production stills of Episode 9, plus two sneak peek photos of next week’s episode

A video of Episode 9’s most talked-about scene UPDATE: This video is no longer available.

An online trivia quiz on what happened in this episode

An open thread for this episode in the Breaking Bad Talk forum

Listen to the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast for this episode with guests Vince Gilligan, writer Tom Schnauz, producer Diane Mercer, producer’s assistant Gordon Smith, and a cameo by Aaron Paul. (Then leave a question for Breaking Bad‘s creative team in the podcast comments section.)

A sneak peek video from Episode 10, “Salud” UPDATE: This video is no longer available.

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Marie’s blog

Gale Boetticher’s Interactive Case File

“The Cost of Doing Business” Graphic Novel Game (NEW! This game is now available on Android devices)

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