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Marie’s Blog – Nothing Much Going On Here

maries-blog-hdr.jpgHello Internet,

Boy, I don’t know what I’m going to blog about this week. Nothing big going on. I’m a little distracted, but I’ll think of something. Couldn’t let you down, could I, Internet?

I’m keeping busy — lots of stuff going on at my job, you know. The office manager has been getting complaints about people’s lunches going missing, so they’re asking everyone to clearly label their food, to rule out the possibility that people are eating each other’s lunches by accident. So… that’s good.

And Hank is good. Working hard on his cases and things. Not really anything to talk about there. I mean, not that I would. But even if I would, there’s still nothing going on. You know what? Forget I even mentioned it.

The rest of my family is doing great. My nephew got a car for his birthday, which is fun. And my niece is teething a little bit, so her mom’s not getting that much sleep these days. Plus it’s hard to find good teething rings, because everything’s made out of that plastic that gives you cancer. I’m sure they’ll figure something out.

So, everything’s fine here. Not much going on. I guess I’ll just wrap things up, and say, see you next week! Probably.

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