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Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 5, “Shotgun” – Online Extras


This week, Jesse went on a ride-along with Mike, Walt made an unsuccessful attempt to confront Gus, and Hank discovered an intriguing piece of evidence in Gale Boetticher’s case file. You can learn more about these developments by checking out the online extras for Episode 5, “Shotgun”:

An “Inside Breaking Bad” video that takes you behind the scenes of Episode 5

Ten production stills of Episode 5, plus two sneak peek photos of next week’s episode

A video of Episode 5’s most talked-about scene UPDATE: This video is no longer available.

An online trivia quiz to test how closely you were paying attention during the episode

• Want to chat with your fellow fans about this episode? Head over to the Episode 5 open thread

Explore an interactive version of Hank’s case file on Gale Boetticher, which now includes evidence seen in Episode 5 including the Los Pollos Hermanos napkin, Gale’s animated doodles, and the police sketch of Victor

Listen to the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast for this episode with guests including Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, Jonathan Banks, and Vince Gilligan. (And while you’re there, leave a question for Breaking Bad‘s creative team in the podcast comments section — it might be answered in a future podcast!)

Get a preview of what happens next with a sneak peek video from Episode 6, “Cornered” UPDATE: This video is no longer available.

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