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Breaking Bad‘s Renewal Causes Widespread Buzz; TV Guide Calls Season 4 “Riveting”

bb-s4-studio-walt-jesse-barrel-325.jpgThis week, Breaking Bad‘s Season 5 renewal is discussed extensively in the press, the Orlando Sentinel praises Season 4’s “high standards,” Vince Gilligan is profiled by his hometown paper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and the New York Post deemed Hank the show’s most interesting character right now. Read on for more:

• It’s official: Breaking Bad has been renewed for 16 more episodes. The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Deadline Hollywood and Los Angeles Times all broadcast the news.

TV by the Numbers thinks the renewal is “probably a win for fans — you might be getting a short season five, but there will be a short season six to go along with it, and it adds up to more than a 13 episode fifth season.” The Houston Press chimes in, “I’ll be sad to see it go, but happy it gets to leave on its own terms. It’s one of the best series ever made.” LAist says, “It can’t possibly end well for any of the characters, but it will be incredibly well told and portrayed by a cast that has become more remarkable as each season has rolled out.”

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Entertainment Weekly asks if knowing a show’s end date is always a good idea, hastening to add, “It would be ridiculous to become skeptical about (Breaking Bad)’s future just because its brilliant writers now know exactly how much longer they have to trace their characters’ moral decline.”

Canada’s Maclean’s also addresses the issue of knowing a show’s end date, noting that while they “will almost certainly wind up wishing [Breaking Bad] had run longer, there’s a very good argument that the show will benefit from an end date.”

TV Guide lauds the season so far as “absolutely and brilliantly riveting” and is a fan of “how Skyler is turning into a character every bit as layered, complex and frighteningly resilient as Walt.”

The Orlando Sentinel comments that the show “has continued its high standards in the current season. If you haven’t watched, it’s one show worth your time.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch profiles hometown boy Vince Gilligan, who reveals that “the exact shape and dimensions of Walt’s law-breaking and immorality has at times been surprising, even to me and my writers.”

The New York Post calls Dean Norris’s Hank Schrader Breaking Bad‘s “most interesting character right now.”

Bryan Cranston tells he would “rather quit [Breaking Bad] a year early than a year too late. I don’t wanna have an asterisk next to this, you know, Breaking Bad: Five good years and one mediocre one.”

The Boston Globe discusses Skyler breaking bad (“and she’s getting a taste for it”) and the possible endgame between Hank and Walt. writes about antiheroes and remarks, “As for Walter White, considering Breaking Bad is my absolute favorite show on television right now, I obviously don’t mind watching him dig a deeper and deeper hole for himself each season.”

The Los Angeles Times wonders if Emmy voters will remember the show in 2012, when it’s eligible again.

The New York Times reports that 1.8 million total viewers watched Episode 5, “Shotgun,” a rise of 9 percent from the same point from last season: “That continues an overall trend for the year that suggests a slowly growing audience.”

• Meanwhile,The Huffington Post questions whether we’re looking at ratings the right way: “A viewer who stumbles across an episode of CSI: NY while he’s cooking dinner is given more weight than a viewer who plows through two straight seasons of Breaking Bad on DVD.”

• In an article about the continuing rise of the single-camera TV show, Variety quotes one writer/director, “Good luck to Bryan Cranston in finding a feature role as good as he has on Breaking Bad.”

Jason Priestley tells Ireland’s RTÉ that Breaking Bad is one of his favorite shows. reports that Bryan Cranston is going to write and direct a a script based on the novel Home Again by David Wiltse.

Cinema Blend reports that Cranston turned down a part in X-Men: First Class for his role in Drive. has the same news and also talks to Cranston about Breaking Bad. indieWIRE‘s review of Drive calls Bryan Cranston “perfectly grizzled.”

According to TVLine, Dean Norris will guest-star on an episode of CSI: NY this October, playing an Internal Affairs detective.

SF Station reports that SF Sketchfest Summer Nights will feature Bob Odenkirk on August 20 at San Franscisco’s Castro Theatre.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 4, Episode 5, “Shotgun,” check out A.V. Club, Buzz Focus, Crave Online, Daemon’s TV, Entertainment Weekly, HitFix, Los Angeles Times, Star-Ledger, Paste magazine, Poptimal, Salon, Slate, Time,, TV Fanatic, UGO and The Wall Street Journal.

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