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Marie’s Blog – Who Needs Secrets?


Hello Internet!

It feels SO good to just be honest, don’t you think?

I mean, I guess it does. I personally don’t have a lot of secrets. Obviously, if you read this blog, you know I’m just one big open book!

But some good friends recently came clean about a big secret of theirs, and I could see on their faces what a huge relief it was to spill the beans.

(And of course, they were afraid we would be angry and tell them how they screwed up — when nothing could be further from the truth. Caring about someone means accepting them and their incredibly stupid mistakes. I know not everybody believes that, but it’s just how I was raised.)

That dinner with my friends “Susan” and “Warren” got me thinking: Am I really as much of an open book as I think? Are there any little things I’ve been hiding, maybe for so long I’ve forgotten all about them? (I’m not talking about other people’s secrets — obviously those I’ll take to my grave!)

The more I thought about it, the more I realized: It’s time to just put it all out there! So here goes:

1. Contrary to what I’ve been telling Hank since we started dating, I wear a size 8 shoe. Also, size 8s are not unusually small shoes sold only at Bloomingdale’s.

2. I do not have an allergy to cilantro that causes my throat to swell shut. However, it is true that I really, really do not like the taste of it. Sometimes I wish my throat would swell shut so that I wouldn’t accidentally swallow any.

3. My car only needs the oil changed every 5,000 miles, but I still get it changed every 3,000 because they always top up the windshield washer fluid, and I’ve never figured out how to refill it. Also, the customer lounge at the Volkswagen dealership has these insanely good blondies.

4. I did not forget to bring home “Rudy” from the video store last week. I just could not face being trapped in the same house with the sound of Sean Astin’s voice as he explains to one grumpy old guy after another that it is his dream to play for Notre Dame. Also, the last twenty minutes of that movie make me cry harder than cutting onions. Not gonna happen.

5. Hank thinks we are all out of Girl Scout cookies, but I still have half a box of Thin Mints hidden in the freezer. (They’re behind the mini egg rolls.)

I know, shocking right? I had totally forgotten about that last one. But I do feel better. Take it from me, Internet: don’t hold on to your secrets. The truth will set you free!

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