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Marie’s Blog – Dream Big, Albuquerque!


Hello Internet!

I’m going to put my life coach hat on this week, because it seems like everyone around me is totally caught up in the way things are — instead of realizing how amazing things COULD BE, if they’d just let themselves dream a little.

For example, I’ve gone back to working at Kleinman Radiology a few days a week. At first, they weren’t so crazy about letting me work part-time, because all the other radiology techs work a full week. But then I pointed out how helpful it could be to have an extra technician on duty during the really busy times — early morning, mostly, since people like to come in before work — and suddenly, the managing partner was all over the idea like Hank on a plate of huevos rancheros. All it took was a little imagination!

Or, take a certain local car wash which just so happens to have recently changed owners. If you ask me, this is the perfect opportunity to reimagine everything a car wash could be. Good-bye surly attendants, good-bye bizarre-smelling air fresheners (Baby powder? Why would you want your car to smell like a baby?) and hello to something new, something classy: A car spa.

I would definitely spend a few more dollars for the chance to wait in a comfortable lounge, with complimentary espresso and wi-fi, secure in the knowledge that my car was being cared for by attentive professionals. (Okay, just spitballing here — but why not work out a deal with a nail salon, so both your customers and their cars can come out the other end looking your best?)

Tragically, no one’s interested in my vision. The owners are all too happy to keep offering the same old clay bar treatments and hand wax jobs. It’s just so frustrating! You want to shake people and tell them: When the future calls, answer the phone! Do you think Steve Jobs was like, “No, I want to make computers that look like every other computer”? Or the people at Sony said, “There’s no point in making a tape cassette player small enough to carry around in your pocket, because nobody wants to listen to music while they walk”? I don’t think so!!!

Okay, perfect example: Hank has been stuck in the house forever, because he had this crazy rule that he wouldn’t leave the house until he could walk out the front door without help. But this week, he looked around and realized, “This is my life, and I’m missing out — I could be bonding with my nephew, enjoying the beautiful weather, running errands.” And boom! He was out the door faster than you could say Extra Crispy Value Snacker Pack.

(It probably didn’t hurt that I have refused to bring home Los Pollos Hermanos for the last month or so — call me mean, but Hank has enough healing to do without filling his arteries with spackle. If my grinch act pushed Hank to get out there and smell the french fries, so be it!)

Look, I get it. It’s scary to dream big, especially if making those dreams a reality will be an uphill battle. When Hank and I moved into our place, I had a whole design scheme in mind, but when I went to Kitchen Gadgets ‘n Such to start buying furnishings, I hit a wall. Turns out, purple is not the most popular color for home décor. (Which is insane, but we can leave that topic for another day.) But like Tim Gunn always says, I made it work. I kept my eye on the ball, and bit by bit, I tracked down each throw pillow and trivet, every towel set and spatula, until our house was everything I hoped.

Now, some people might say: But Marie, what if you never found a purple toaster oven? I would say to those people: The only thing standing between me and a purple toaster oven was the determination to never stop looking until I found one. And my inner life coach says that’s pretty good advice for any situation: If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen — as long as you’re willing to completely commit to that goal, whether that’s owning the best car wash in Albuquerque, or a matched set of purple kitchen electronics.

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