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Bryan Cranston Talks Season Premiere With E!; NY Mag Rates Breaking Bad‘s Fans


This week Bryan Cranston tells E! that viewers are in for a shock come the Season 4 premiere, while New York magazine calculates the rabidity of fans, declaring Breaking Bad‘s the winners.

E! Online speaks with Bryan Cranston, who reveals, “In the first episode there is an ‘Oh My God’ moment that you just have no idea [is coming].”

New York magazine quantifies the rabidity of Breaking Bad‘s fan base, declaring, “There’s no other show like it.”

The Hollywood Reporter highlights the Breaking Bad Season 4 teaser. So does Zap2it, which calls it “really good stuff.” Spinoff Online says Breaking Bad‘s Season 4 premiere date is “not soon enough.” Cinema Blend proclaims, “If Season 4 of Breaking Bad lives up to this trailer, we’re in for a fantastic ride.”

Daemon’s TV highlights sneak peek photos from Breaking Bad Season 4, noting, “It looks like Walt and Jesse are back in action!”

• If Bryan Cranston wants to try to break any tension on set, “I’ll tell a joke or do some terrible impression, and it helps put people at ease,” according to O Magazine. (No Link)

Details reports that Aaron Paul “was told by network execs that he looked too wholesome to play meth dealer Jesse Pinkman.” (No Link)

Marie Claire asks Aaron Paul what he’d like to be stranded on a desert island with, and his board games of choice are Candyland and Jenga: “It’s a tie. No explanation needed.”. (No Link)

Breaking Bad — “your fix of AMC edgy smart stuff” — is on Maxim‘s round-up of summer cable saviors. (No Link)

Entertainment Weekly includes the July 17 premiere on its list of “Stuff We’re Looking Forward To In July.”

Rian Johnson, who directed Season 3, Episode 10, “Fly,” tells /film how much he loves “just getting to watch Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston bounce off each other in the room.”

TheWrap displays AMC’s new Breaking Bad Heisenberg “Danger” graphic, declaring “Huge kudos, promotional people. How can we get a T-shirt?”

HitFix shares three images from Breaking Bad Season 4: “What are Walter, Jesse and Skyler up to? Check it out!”

Collider‘s review of the Breaking Bad Season 3 DVD calls the season “funny, heartbreaking, and extremely intense, leading up to a season finale that builds and builds until you find yourself screaming at your television.”

Patch reports that Bryan Cranston will be present at a Cinemas Pale D’Or Q&A in Palm Desert July 1 after a screening of Larry Crowne. Meanwhile, Daemon’s Movies has a photo of Cranston from the film.

• From Collider‘s review of Drive, starring Bryan Cranston: “The two actors who really shine and almost steal the movie are Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks.”

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