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Aaron Paul Chats With EW; Director Mike Nichols Compares Breaking Bad to Tolstoy


This week Aaron Paul discusses Season 4 with E! Online and Entertainment Weekly, while filmmaker Mike Nichols shares with indieWIRE that he’s a Breaking Bad fan and compares the series to Tolstoy.

E! Online has Aaron Paul commenting about the Season 4 premiere, “I cannot wait to see or hear people’s reactions for the first episode because they are going to lose it, in the best way possible.”

Aaron Paul tells Entertainment Weekly he’s addicted to the prop meth used in the series: “Whenever the blue meth is on set, I am constantly eating it. It’s cotton candy-flavored rock candy. They dye it a little bit, but I don’t care — I just eat through the dye.”

According to indieWIRE, director Mike Nichols cites Breaking Bad as an example of what’s good about cable TV: “That’s a whole thrilling new form that I really enjoy, about four to five shows, that really are Tolstoyan in their endless development and surprises and changes.”

Made Man lists the lessons it’s learned from Walter White, including “If You Can Pull Off The Shaved Head, By All Means Go For It.”

CNN‘s summer TV preview calls Breaking Bad “riveting.” Meanwhile, the Modesto (Calif.) Bee‘s preview lauds Bryan Cranston‘s “amazing” performance “with great writing to match.”

The Detroit Free Press is looking forward to Breaking Bad, particularly “the complex chess match between these compelling characters [Gus and Walt, which] should be breathtaking.”

The Toronto Star calls Breaking Bad “my absolute favourite show on TV.”

Cinema Blend compliments Breaking Bad as “one of those shows that really does live up to the hype.”

The Today Show names Walter White one of TV’s worst dads. (Don Draper of Mad Men makes the list too.)

Breaking Bad‘s executive producer Mark Johnson tells The Hollywood Reporter, “One of the things you get on AMC is the freedom to have the courage of your convictions.” (No Link)

Inside Pulse continues its Breaking Bad reviews, focusing on Season 1’s “Crazy Handful of Nothin'” and “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal.”

The San Francisco Examiner references Breaking Bad‘s use of “A Horse With No Name” in “a crucial scene in the greatest series on TV.”

Bryan Cranston talks to ReelzChannel about filming love scenes with Julia Roberts in the upcoming film, Larry Crowne.

The Wrap reports that Matt L. Jones (Badger) appears in a pilot presentation starring comedian Marc Maron and Ed Asner.

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