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What You’re Saying About the Music of Breaking Bad

It’s been awhile since AMC’s original online interviews with Breaking Bad‘s Composer Dave Porter and the show’s Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic (pictured at right) but that hasn’t stopped fans from breaking into an impromptu conversation about their favorite songs from the show’s most memorable montage sequences.

• “I can’t say *enough* just how excellent the music used in the meth cooking/selling montages are! One thing I really like is that it exposes me to kinds of music I wouldn’t have listened to otherwise. Talk about expanding my horizons :)” — cherandbuster

• “Yeah the music is phenomenal. I like the song we hear from “Four Days Out” while the boys are cooking out in the desert. I believe it was The Black Seeds “One By One”. This song makes me smile and gets me pumped. They really do a stellar job in the music dept.” — Catnip

• “Montages like this show the genius of Vince Gilligan…The juxtaposition of the drug scenes with such bouncy music somehow makes it all just that much more horrific.” — rockmama

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