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Time and NY Post Preview Season 4; Gilligan Chats With USA Today

This week Breaking Bad is featured in summer entertainment previews from Time and the New York Post, while Vince Gilligan discusses Walt and Jesse’s tumultuous relationship with USA Today.

Time magazine’s summer entertainment preview highlights Breaking Bad‘s July return, tracing the drama’s arc “from a quirky crime story into a sweeping moral epic.” The New York Post highlights the series as well, explaining “this year [Walt] must face the fact that he pushed his protégé and former student
over the edge.” (No Link)

Vince Gilligan teases Season 4 to USA Today, saying “this season will push Walt’s relationship with his family and his partner, Jesse [Aaron Paul], to the breaking point and beyond.”

• In an article on a new documentary about show-runners, /film writes that shows like Breaking Bad (and Mad Men) are “a few current examples of how TV is beginning to usurp the movies.”

The Los Angeles Times trumpets Drive‘s “deep bench of Hollywood talent that includes Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks and Christina Hendricks,” while Salon mentions Cranston in its praise of the movie’s “tremendous supporting cast.” Time Out Chicago thinks the film is “worth it just for [Albert Brooks’] showdown with Bryan Cranston.”

CultureMob notes that Matt L. Jones (Badger) appears in High Road, which will be shown at this year’s Seattle International Film Festival.

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