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What You’re Saying About Gray Matter

The commenters this week were hot on the topic of Gray Matter, and whether more will be said about Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz in future seasons.

• “Recent threads have gotten me thinking again about the company owned by Elliott Schwartz – ‘Gray Matter.’ Of course the name is a reference to the brain, but another interesting idea is that ‘white’ mixed with ‘black’ (‘schwarz’ in German) makes ‘gray.’… was the name always intended to reflect the partnership of Walter White and Elliott Schwartz? And then, of course, there’s Gretchen Schwartz, current wife of Elliott and former lover of Walt. Many issues of love and money regarding this triangle are yet to be resolved.” — rockmama

• “Gretchen and Elliot were completely absent from S3 and they never revealed the whole story with those three. Walt said they capitalized on HIS research. What was he researching? Why did he feel screwed? I guess another flashback is needed.” — Catnip

• “I do indeed think that the Gretchen line isn’t over yet, I think In the future the story plot will indeed highlight Walt’s former career juxtaposed to his current transformation” — Quebrando Mal

• “The Walt/Gretchen/Elliott thing was never resolved to my satisfaction, but there have to be some red herrings in the story. I really wished all those roosters in Gretchen’s kitchen meant something profound. Ah well…I’m over it now!” — DRKellogg

• “I am not convinced there will be any more Gretchen/Gray Matter storyline. They (and particularly, Gretchen), served the vital purpose of showing us where Walt came from professionally, how true love failed him (quite possibly at his own doing), and highlighted the 180-degree ‘life turn’ he has made (both professionally and personally).” — cherandbuster

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