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What You’re Saying About Skyler’s Role in Walt’s Business

The commenters this week wondered how involved Skyler will get in Walt’s meth-making enterprise, with some speculating that she could be an asset to her husband.

• “How deep is Skyler willing to get involved in this whole Meth business? From the way she was acting towards the end of Season 3 she seemed to be using Walt’s dishonesty as a card to get what she wants instead of being genuinely distraught about the whole situation. It’ll be interesting to see if she goes ‘Heisenbabe’ in Season 4, but from a behind the seasons/cover up angle.” — Minnull

• “Skyler has a serious jones for that cash now. It stands to reason she would become more involved. And I’ll bet she has some good ideas for how to run the business.” — DRKellogg

• “I hope she’ll be all she can be, and become the missing ingredient to Walt’s venture by making power-plays on enemies for Walt’s benefit by using her charisma. I can see this taking yet another nasty moral-decision-making turn for Walt, when he realizes what lengths she’ll go to in order to strengthen what is apparently becoming a family business.” — BetterCallSaul

• “Remember Skyler’s divorce lawyer? Um yeah, SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING!!” — BB1313

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