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What You’re Saying About ASAC Merkert’s Allegiances

Hank and his boss ASAC Merkert were a topic of discussion this week, with some commenters speculating that Merkert is in cahoots with Gus.

• “I suspect [Hank’s] boss is in league with Gus, and the transfer to El Paso was an attempt to stop him from investigating the ‘Blue Meth.'” — bullieboi

• “I’ve always felt Agent Merkert (Hank’s boss) is shady and is involved in ‘the dark side’. I believe that when Agent Merkert suspended Hank, he took his gun knowing the Cousins were about to kill him.” — BB1313

• “I think the warning call that Hank received was from Agent Merkert and not Gus… I believe Agent Merkert took Hank’s gun in order for the twins to have no problem getting to him but at the ‘last minute’ decided to warn Hank, which ended up working out in Gus’s favor.” — Root Beer

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