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What You’re Saying About Gale Boetticher

The commenters this week reflected on Gale Boetticher, and the potential tragedy that befell him.

• “Aww poor Gale! I will not be able to stand it if Jesse really shot Gale! Maybe they should kidnap him until things are safe.” — Sherri Haas

• “The scene of Gale putzing around his apartment while singing was the one of the most hilarious scenes of the entire show and any season. LOVE this guy and the actor who plays him to the hilt.” — pasbair

• “Gale is cool. He is an innocent caught up in the Meth madness. Very intellegent. My favorite is when Jesse shows up at his door to shoot him. The look on his face breaks your heart.” — Holly-Lynne Jeffrey

• “I like gale, and I’d put money on the fact that Jesse didn’t shoot him, so there.” — James Dowe

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