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What You’re Saying About Your Favorite Episodes

The commenters this week reflected on the show’s first three seasons by sounding off on their most-loved episodes.

• “Season 1 fave: Pilot. Because it was so well-structured to bring us into that world, establish a tone, and set up the whole series. Season 2 fave: ‘Peekaboo.’ Until we saw Jesse interact with the little red-haired boy we hadn’t really seen his kind heart… Season 3 fave: ‘Half Measures,’ because it was so exciting and had such a shocking ending.” — rockmama

• “It was hard to pick just one for each season but here it goes: Season 1: ‘…And the Bag’s in the River,’ Season 2: ‘Phoenix,’ Season 3: ‘Full Measure.'” — bb338

• “Wow this is difficult! They are all so damn good and tightly woven that its hard to pick just one. For Season 3 ‘Half Measures’ was my favorite, but then again ‘Full Measure’ blew me away. I’m fond of ‘Sunset’ too.” — Catnip

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